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Oh, hey there !

         What a nice surprise having you here...



     So, let's start by taking a short break, shall we ? I'd like you to clear your mind...

Clear your mind of those ''what if ?'', ''can I?'', ''should I?'' ;

     Clear your mind of social duties, work responsabilties, everyday necessities ;

          Clear your mind of the lustful thoughts that brought you here, that burning desire as you're scrolling down this page,

               the sight of my nipple against the light in the above picture...

     Alright, I believe I have your attention now :)

Let me introduce myself...

          Picture a French born and raised soul... Admittedly proud of  her traditions and heritage, she happens to be a free spirit, curious about the world, eager to walk around new places, discover new cultures, bound with new people. 

          As such, she left her home country a while ago, and wonders wherever life brings her. For now, it's Sofia, Bulgaria; though she cannot help but hopping on a plane every now and then to explore some other territories. She just loves adventure.



​          But let's drop the third person narrative now... If I was to define myself, I'd say I am an empathetic epicurean. I believe life is too short to be wasted by not making the most out of it. I praise myself for being a bubbly and happy woman in life, and making people around me feel the same - most likely what led me onto this career path, along with my appetite for mutual body pleasure - In brief, I'd say:

I love feeling good, and I love making people feel the same!

          You'd probably like to know that I'm casual chic in terms of clothing: I enjoy getting dressed with taste, although I reckon the most tasteful items are usually hidden underneath... As for my personality, being interested in experiences by nature, with an ease to adapt to any occasion, l'm the easy going kind, and appreciate all sorts of activities in life, really.

          I won't get too much into details here, as not only this would spoil the excitement of getting to know each other, but would also expose myself a bit more, and I'd rather stay off the spotlight for obvious reasons. So if you feel like sharing  my secret, I'd appreciate if you could share it not widely, but wisely.


Age : Early 30's

Height : 1m78

Weight : 64kg

Measurements : 98/75/100

Breast size : 90C

Foot size : 40/41



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Social  media Adventures

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Knowing what you want
is the first step towards getting it...


I'm an open-minded woman, with an ease to adapt to the personalities, and enjoy many things in life, as long as the goal is to experience with pleasure.

As much as I adore our bodies interaction, I also truly enjoy the social aspect of our meeting. In my opinion,

every human being is unique in its own way , and I've found myself a growing interest over the years in sharing a connection with people with different backgrounds, cultures, ideas. I'm also interested in you as the individual you are.

I value our social time together, this is why I express this preference in my rates: note that any meeting over 1hour should include half of social time.

Should you wish to spend our whole time together in between the sheets, 

please be aware that the 1hour rate applies to every hour spent together.

I provide three different types of meetings, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Image by Laney Smith

1h - 200

2h - 300

3h - 400

4h - 500

Whether you're looking for a dinner companion, a soul to cuddle with or some more intimacy in the most natural way, the girlfriend experience is for you.


Let's enjoy some nice time together, you'll have me at my sweetest.

A Girlfriend Experience

Image by Laney Smith

1h - 300

2h - 450

3h - 600

4h - 750

A rawer experience, for those

who wish to further explore

mutual pleasure  and lust.

Some experts might name it PSE,

I'd rather  name it ESP,

as in Exploring Sexual Potential.


Let's take a walk on the wild side,

shall we?

A Kinky adventure

Image by Laney Smith

1h - 400

2h - 550

3h - 700

4h - 850

Think about that guilty pleasure you've wanted to indulge youself

for so long, that forbidden desire

at the back of your head...

Now tell me all about it,

and let's make it no longer a thought, but a memory.

This is where I become who you want me to be...

A Fantasy

Please kindly note that the displayed rates cover my time and company only;

I do not provide in-calls, any further expense such as transportation or accommodation applies on top.  

Longer arrangements can be considered only after we've met for a first time.

Some additional Services

Image by Laney Smith

Let me first know what you have in mind via email.

We can then set up a call to arrange everything .


As well as travel details, I find it important to ''set our rules'' ahead in order to avoid any disappointment or disagreement from both sides.​


Rates vary depending on the  time spent together

and the nature of our activities.

An after-work treat

     on your business trip... 


An adventurous companion

     to explore the city with you... 

A beach nymph

     to lay down by your side on your holiday break... 


You're not in Sofia,

     but would love me to join you somewhere ?

Bring me to you

Image by Laney Smith

There are many ways

to enjoy a threesome,  as more partners also means more possibilities !


Let's discuss

your expectations beforehand,

so we make this time spent together

a nice and pleasurable moment

for the three of us.

For this type of meeting,

please refer to Fantasy rates.

As the saying goes...the more,

the merrier !


Whether a ''ménage à trois''

is a fantasy you 'd like to fulfil,

or  you're looking for a third player

for this experience you've already indulged in, It 'd be a pleasure

meeting the both of you !

Ps : As much as I 'd like to have

a partner in crime, I do not have one at the moment but would gladly pair up ;)

Ménage à trois, etcetera...

Before we meet

   Before we meet   


You've come to the right place...


     If you've made it that far on my page, you're most likely the kind who's looking for ''the real deal'' if I may say so, not some kind of fake, mechanical, passionless interaction, that would leave you full of regrets and disappointment...


     Well the good news is: I feel the same about this! I like our meetings to be meaningful and worth remembering. As the empathetic epicurean I am, I take pleasure in pleasing others, so be assured that our time together is all about having you and your desires fulfilled.

Let's meet

    Let's meet    


I'm a busy bee, and travel a lot, so my availability is quite limited, especially last minute:

this is why pre-booking is highly recommended.

I regularly share my whereabouts and whatabouts in my Whatsapp status, or via my Instagram,

and announce any touring plans in announcements.


To book a meeting, it's essential for me to have some information ahead: they're all listed in this form!

Tell me all about your request  💌

What kind of meeting would you be interested in ?

Preferred ways of contact

Fill in this form and share it with me!

All the necessary information is asked in it.

Email me!

Please make sure to include the above information.

Message me via Whatsapp!

Please make sure to include the above information.

Please not that phone calls are not a way to contact me: if I happen to pick up the phone,

you will be redirected to this website anyways.

If you wish to discuss over the phone,

please mention it when reaching out,

so we can schedule a call when convenient for both of us.

As much as I enjoy mystery and the thrill of meeting you for the first time,

I'm always delighted to read a few words about yourself,

so feel free to tell me a bit about you, unless you're too shy for this ;)

The more concise you are in your request,

the easiest it'll be for me to process it;

you can expect a reply within 12hours.

Looking forward to meeting you,

          A très bientôt, xxx


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